Orbital Welding
frame fabrication
GTAW // Orbital Welding


Our arsenal boasts a OM180 state of the art orbital welding system.  We're capable of welding 4" OD down to 1/4" OD stainless steel up to 0.120" wall thickness.

We operate Miller Dynasty Pulse Welders and can weld extremely thin stainless steel parts together such as edge welded bellows.  

Frame Construction

We can build frames out of up to 4" Stainless steel 12' tall and 20' long.

We hold 2" square 304 stainless tubing in inventory.

Electrical Control Panel
Distribution and Control Panels


We're familiar with electrical distribution and control of motors, heaters, pneumatics, solenoids, and more.  We can wire panels up to 400Amps of 480V 3 phase AC and build to NFPA 70 Electrical Standards.

Factory Design
System Integration and Project Management

We understand facility construction project management and system integration project management.  We can oversee architect and general contractor activities to ensure laboratory and factory layout is efficient and safe.

weird thing.png
Rapid Prototyping


If you're losing millions over a technical issue or you are up against an aggressive deadline and absolutely need it done now we can help you.  Get it done now is our specialty and can assemble an emergency test bench or build a weird thingy normally in 4 weeks or less.

Factory Design
tube bending and routing.png
Design Cost Optimization

If you sell a fluid system or electrical panel widget or engineer sub-assemblies and are looking for cost reduction we can help.  Normally in less than a dozen hours we can reduce up to 50% of the cost to build an assembly through 2 methods:

1-Simplifing Design while still using expensive high quality parts.

2-Cutting costs by finding lower cost alternative parts.

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