The Corporate Prison Experiment

Fairchild Semiconductor's greatest product was Intel.

golden handcuffs.jpg


When a technology company successfully achieves a new category fit the first order result is an absolute blockbuster financial engine.  The second order effect is that new companies get built from the participants in the new market.  Most technology companies hoard intellectual property and talented people in a "best of the best" strategy.  However, some of those people have exceptional ideas that are different than the business machine they work in.  Traditionally it has been the way for brilliant people to leave their companies to build their projects and raise money from investors.  

Companies are missing a trillion dollar opportunity.  That opportunity is to invest in employees to grow entrepreneurial skills and start their own companies.  If Fairchild Semiconductor owned 10% of every company that spun-off of it Fairchild would be a trillion dollar venture capital fund today.  By putting their employees into golden handcuffs instead of giving them golden shovels, technology companies are missing out on the greatest engine of financial growth imaginable.  

The corporate prison experiment has been a multi-year behavioral study to develop the recipe for employee to entrepreneur corporate growth practices.  We have learned more than we could have ever have imagined about human behavior, neuroscience, and the human condition.  Our research enabled us to teach any skill to anyone 20x faster than a traditional educational style.  Every single employee who has worked with us has learned at least 1 high value marketable skill in 3 months.

Systems engineering goes far beyond machines, it's our social systems.  In a company the most valuable asset is the people and their integration into the organization.  A key component of our experiment is also maintaining our team 50/50 between women and men.  Our goal is to demonstrate what a 21st century company can be.  A place where men and women work together as equals.  We teach tolerance, understanding and effective communication.

There is a huge missing piece at the cross section between progressive and traditionalist points of view.  That missing piece is apparent in nearly every social system and reinforced repeatedly through the inherent structure of our social systems.  

The Corporate Prison Experiment is our ongoing mission to create a new kind of company.  A company that develops its people for an exit into their own venture.