• Neil Ide

Sizing a manifold or header for flow nirvana.

Updated: Aug 4

Every day flow needs to be distributed from a central point such as an air compressor, boiler, or cooling tower to multiple loads.

If you are like me you might be witnessing say a 3/4" pipe branching off seven different ways other 3/4" pipes and need to be rushed to the hospital with a brain aneurism.

If you goal is to have fairly balanced flow to several individual loads then size your manifold so that the cross-sectional area of the manifold is equal or greater in size that the total cross sectional area of the individual loads the manifold is supplying.

For instance if you have 10 fluid loads that each are fed by a 1/2" pipe meaning the total cross-sectional area is 10*(A=πr^2). The manifold size must be at least that big to have some semblance of balanced flow.

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