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Authoritarianism, an economic misstep.

The reason why Dolores Umbridge is scarier than Lord Voldemort is because unlike Voldemort, we all have an Umbridge in our lives. We hate Umbridge because there is a little Umbridge in all of us too.

Here are some common beliefs when it comes to raising children:

  • Corporal punishment (spankings/beating) is necessary

  • Isolation (timeouts, sit in the corner, go to your room) is useful

  • Circumcision (genital mutilation) is healthy

  • Shame is a teaching tool

All of these parenting methods were brought into existence under the belief that the anarchy of childhood needs to be tamed for the sake of the future of the child. After years of scientific research on the subject of childhood development, as it turns out, these are harmful ways to raise(program) a human.

The number of people that are on the PTSD spectrum from their adolescent experience is alarmingly high. Beating a child and sending them to isolation time helps them grow up to be an obedient(sort-of) worker. I used to be a very high paid obedient; one day I had a complete mental and emotional meltdown. Most people that knew me at the time thought I had gone completely insane. I kind of did, and that was before I took the mushrooms.

The common belief of most loving caring parents is that it is our moral duty that our children grow up to be productive members of society with like, respect, and manners and shit. Parents tend to compulsively judge the shit out of each other too; rolling in cliques just like in grade school, and there are a lot of different cliques. Every time my daughter doesn't act upon what I ask/tell her to do, and I don't use violence to get her to do it, I usually get judged by another parent with different beliefs. Like mine.

By no means should one be a no-boundaries parent. Children that don't learn boundaries face a whole different set of developmental challenges. The world has physical boundaries(gravity) and feedback from physical boundaries is a teacher. Society has virtual boundaries(beliefs/behaviors) and those boundaries can be far more dangerous than any physical boundary.

Natural boundaries are fairly consistent where as social boundaries are all over the place. One company I worked for had such a problem with sexism that my male manager nearly fainted when I said "dildo" in front of a female coworker. She of course didn't care and neither would my manager if I had said "dildo" just to him in private. Men and women are commonly conditioned to have two different personalities, one in front of children/members of the opposite sex, and one in front of just members of their gender.

Multiple personalities!


It is believed by many that you "forget" those fist few formative years. You don't. You may not have conscious access to all your memories but your nervous system records everything that happens to it. For instance the practice of male circumcision is most definitely body trauma that most definitely reduces the sensitivity of the male sexual organ.

Overall lifetime sexual satisfaction permanently reduced!

thanks doc!

The cumulative trauma from a standard upbringing causes in a huge number of inherently dysfunctional behavior. Rehabilitation to a self-actualized, happy whole person requires a person to develop themselves psychologically. This is way easier with professional help, and much more successful in a controlled environment.

Self-actualized people are able to access their core passions and often create incredibly valuable things like art, technology, scientific discovery, business, and more. The barrier to achieving anything truly amazing is the skill and passion to do it. Because so many are conditioned to be obedient, a person often won't allow themselves to do things that express their passion and develop those skills. Of course, drugs kind of help, and many masters that make it to old age overcome a drug phase. Many others never overcome the "drug phase".

An obedient fixed mind-set person can earn >$100,000 per year easy, but a self-actualized growth mind-set person can generate millions and billions.

Most companies rely on the obedience model for getting anything done. The company assumes the "parent" role in the psychological makeup of the person and uses a more civilized(barely) version of discipline to manage. If a company does an effective job sourcing the obedient, they will have fairly good performance; careless obedient sourcing will have disastrous results.

Self-actualized employees will often separate from their company and will struggle on a project that will bring them great wealth. This happens all the time in the corporate world.

Ever heard of Fairchild semiconductor?

How about Intel?

Intel, was the child of Fairchild semiconductor. All-in-all there are about 300 companies that spun off of Fairchild semi and Fairchild was relegated to obscurity.


Companies like parents, are typically power hoarders. It's not their fault, that's just what they know.

Power hoarding is a super common corporate behavior and almost every parent/company does it. Threaten a power hoarders power a little and you get a slap on the wrist, threaten it a lot and the punishment is usually termination.

This one time I told a client that they needed to fire one of their executive team members who's behavior was a massive liability to their company.

They fired me instead.

Their company is going up in smoke fast.

Power hoarding is bad for business yet almost everyone does it because they don't know another way.

A business is a machine, plain and simple. The machine generates a product and that product generates revenue. Normally the machine isn't setup to accommodate different products in different categories. Like an ASIC miner, it's a purpose built machine. Fairchild semi was purpose built to accommodate small integrated circuits like op-amps, transistors, and timers. Fairchild wasn't built to handle the emerging category of the micro-processor. Noyce and Moore left Fairchild and went on to build Intel, a company far more innovative and valuable.

It is believed that this is because Fairchild didn't give a % of equity to Noyce and Moore and so they had nothing to gain by building the product inside Fairchild, which is half true. Now it's common practice in tech to give employees an equity stake in the company to incentivize them even if its less than 100 shares of stock. I've seen an option grant for 20 shares at $35/share.

$700 is not a stake in the financial future of a company.

$700 is beer money.

The finances of a company lives and dies based upon the actions and decisions of the board of directors and executives. If the company executives do a bad job, everyone suffers. A self-actualized person sees this pattern clearly; and thus, instead of pitching their "wild idea" to the system that more or less identifies them as a drone; they leave and start their own venture.

The company of the future is the company that runs on self-actualized people that pretend to be drones to handle the drone stuff until a robot can take it over. Often a self-actualized person will seek out automation to improve their effectiveness without encouragement. When a person is developed and inspired the company will then invest in their startup for an equity stake, and help them incubate it into a grown self-sufficient company.

Apprentices become masters, and a company has everything to gain from apprenticing master CEOs as a product. Rather than hoarding all the power and value, the company distributes it and everybody wins.

Except for power hoarders.

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