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8 Behavioral Programming

8 Behavioral Programming

“Man with all his qualities still bears the indelible stamp of his lowly origin.”

Charles Darwin

Programming parameters

For much of human history, people have been of the perspective that the universe has revolved around the Earth. As our cognitive perspective improved, with the development of technology to the shock and surprise of everyone, our position in the universe was significantly downgraded. This so upset the believers of a limited perspective that the evangelists of an infinite open universe were jailed, tortured, and burned at the stake. This didn’t make it any less true. But as previously stated, truth is irrelevant to human cognition.

Another kind of believer has also developed into an entire culture. The believers in free will have long argued for the virtues of complete self-actualization. The predominant belief is that a person is free to follow their own path in this life. The absolute idealistic position of this belief is completely inaccurate. Earth is bound to the Sun, and the Sun is bound to the galactic center of mass, and so on. As human beings we are bound to each other, our environment, and our beliefs. No person is free of their sisters and brothers, we all exert relativistic forces on each other.

Everything that makes you who you are is a sum of all the behavioral forces exerted upon you. We are all bound to each other in symbiosis. All human beings exist within a behavioral system that exerts influence upon us, just as we each exert influence upon it. Each behavioral action exerts an equal and opposite reaction, like ripples on the surface of still water. Behavioral experts have summed it up into 3 major categories of influence:

Personal - One’s internal beliefs and desires.

Environmental - The physical and digital environment around a person.

Social - The physical and digital social culture in which a person is immersed.

A person’s behavioral outcome is determined by the combination of these three fundamental forces. For instance, for every member that participated in the Nyborg experiment, only two verbally committed to me to the project, to see it through to the end. The others thought it was interesting, but made no personal commitment to the study. As time wore on, every single person that did not make a personal commitment washed out. The phenomenon of personal commitment is crucial tool used at the Delancey Street Foundation to rehabilitate highly dysfunctional individuals from decades of drug abuse and criminal behavior. To get into Delancey one must humble themselves before the organization and make a personal commitment before walking through the front door.

Personal commitment is also practiced by the United States Military forces. “Do you think you have what it takes to be a Marine?” Recruiters will challenge potential candidates to either go in all the way, or there’s the door. To enter the Navy Special forces program ‘Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL’ training recruits in Navy Boot Camp have to volunteer to take the ‘SEAL challenge’. If one passes the SEAL challenge in Boot Camp, then they are off to BUD/S. Once at BUD/S instructors physically and mentally torture trainees offering them every opportunity to quit. Instructors even encourage the trainees to quit. Exhausted sleep-deprived trainees performing brutal physical exercises are told by instructors in a calm encouraging voice “It’s ok, you don’t have to do it. Just go ring the washout bell. Let us know that you quit.” This drives the truly committed to double down. HOO YAH Navy!

The physical environment determines a tremendous amount of the behavioral outcome of a person. In manufacturing, an entire methodology called Lean Manufacturing centers around the engineering of the environment for optimal outcome. At Swagelok I was in-charge of the assembly manufacturing practices. Basic environmental and procedural changes caused substantial changes in behavior. When I took charge of the department, I immediately implemented a 10-point inspection, and final test checklist that had to be double checked. Product returns dropped to about 1/20th of their previous levels. Production technicians spent an inordinate amount of time ‘hunting’ for tools that were all supposed to be kept in a centralized tool chest. I banished the tool box and any drawer storage and setup pegboards on each workstation with 2 complete sets of tools on each bench. Hunting behaviors disappeared instantly.

It is unbearably common to reach for the negative cognition response, and blame the individuals for their behavioral outcomes. The dept crisis in the United States is also a good example of environmental engineering. Unchained by the federal government, creditors started handing out debt to anyone who wanted it. “No job, no credit, no income, no problem!” The debt man is here to give you a big fat loan! It is absolutely no surprise that total national debt in the United States has spiraled out of control and inflation with it. Negative cognitive trained individuals will reach for blaming the individuals for taking on the debt. However, in many ways giving a population access to an endless vault of ‘free’ money is like giving a classroom of children a truckload of sodas and candy and then blaming the children for developing diabetes.

Social laws are the highest laws in the human psyche. A human being will break state and federal laws before they break social rules. Evolutionarily speaking our social behavior as animals gives human beings the edge in survival. We are a pack animal, and our lives our reliant on the coordinated behavior of society as a whole. Our technology is more a result of combined knowledge than individual contributions. If you live in a Muslim neighborhood, and come from a Muslim family you can be murdered by your own family for defying the rules of the faith. This happens nearly every day in Muslim countries. In the southeastern United States, atheists secretly will seek each other out. Southeastern theologians will more readily accept a person of a radically different faith than they will accept an atheist.

Interestingly enough, theologians transformed into the very thing they themselves used to hide from. Christians in ancient Rome were aggressively persecuted and practiced their beliefs in secret. ‘Forgive them lord, for they know not what they do’. Virtue signaling is practiced by everyone as a means of identifying that ‘I’m one of you, no need to ostracize me’. Virtue signaling by no means indicates a person’s true position in their cognitive temple. However, like an undercover agent infiltrating a mafia, a person will participate in the social behavior of their community regardless of their psychological position. I’ve even been told on social media that my silence on political issues is an indication of my position. Virtue signaling evangelist believers on social media have taken the position of ‘if you are not with me, then you are my enemy.’

The problem with virtue signaling is that it is unbelievably easy to fake. It is so easy to fake, advertisers can do it with computers that couldn’t pass a Turing test.

The Violence Program

In the last 20 years the human species has learned more about the functioning of the human nervous system than the entirety of human history combined. This has all been thanks to the innovation of FMRI. The human nervous system runs on the laws of electro-magnetism and FMRI has enabled us to watch the active functioning of our brain. A few years ago, a group of researchers sought to understand the physical mechanics of why human beings are capable of engaging in extreme violence against each other.

While connected to an FMRI machine, participants in the experiment were shown a picture of a human hand that was being poked with a spike in a way that would cause severe pain. The idea of the experiment was to test the mirror-neuron system of the brain as it relates to others. The mirror neurons of the brain are responsible for our monkey-see-monkey-do behavior. Human beings are in a constant state of observation of the behaviors of other human beings. We watch others and then our brain builds a simulation of their world.

Children under 5 years of age for instance have developed the ability to think about what others might be thinking. Under the age of 5, children are the equivalent of sociopaths. Ever wonder why it’s called the terrible twos? A toddler is actively learning about the physics in the world in which they live. The toddler is testing action and re-action on everything. In order to gain a quiet moment my partner and I would give our toddler a full box of tissues to completely destroy. Children, especially toddlers stimulate their neurological development through destructive acts. Even adults, especially engineers, do the same. A rocket explodes on takeoff, that’s data to be digested to incorporate, and innovate new solutions.

Our mirror neurons are also responsible for the processing of feelings of pain felt by others. If someone you love experiences acute pain in front of you, such as a papercut or an even more extreme physical injury we feel it too. That’s the brain’s mirror neurons getting busy imagining what that pain feels like, and how to best not experience that same pain in the future. One sees their friend violently stub their toe and we go ouch! But if we have mirror neurons, how is it that humans can commit unspeakable acts of violence against each other? Because the mirror neurons can be hijacked, and turned off.

In the process known as down-grouping, our brain is making a decision not to view other groups of human beings as our neighbors. In human evolutionary history we developed as hunter-gatherers and spent the first several hundred thousand years hunting all the large mammals on the planet to near extinction. Make no mistake, the animals we hunted, trapped, and killed were all terrified upon the moment of their death. My partner has a story that as a child in the country she caught a wild bunny, and the animal died of terror; this didn’t happen once, it happened twice.

In the human brain we know that we need proper caloric intake to survive. Hangry? Yes, your brain is making you angry enough to engage in acts of violence so you may maintain your status amongst the living. In the FMRI experiment, the hands being poked were given labels of different orthodox theological beliefs such as Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Atheist (yes, atheism is a theology). Participants watched the hands being poked of different members of those theologies.

The result was that mirror neurons were activated in the brains of the members of the same groups. Christians would experience pain mirroring for other Christians, but not for the other groups. This result was the same for the other groups as well. When a human brain has been programmed to view another as ‘not one of us’ it doesn’t experience a negative emotional experience associated with the suffering of that group. This behavior extends well beyond theological differences into differences of race, sex, behavior, age, citizenship, and many more.

Engorged in Beliefs

“Media for sale! Media for sale! Get your fresh hot media for sale!”

“You there, sir! I can see by your Google search history and the things that you like on social media you identify as a heterosexual conservative Christian! As it just so happens so does my company and the products it sells! Here! Take a look at these fine sets of Real Tree branded products. God bless you! Atheists are running a child sex trafficking and abortion cult out of abandoned movie theaters in the Midwest. Click here to learn more.”

“Mam hello! I can see by your Google search history and the things that you like on social media you identify as a liberal environmentalist! Our company is a B-Corp! We have to make sure that everything we do has a social benefit! Here! Take a look at these responsibly formulated laundry detergents. We work overtime to responsibly source all of our ingredients. Christian Legislators in Texas have instituted a ban on homosexuality and instituted mandatory sexual orientation inspections. Click here to learn more.”

Every day millions of messages like these are put in the field of attention of those online. The message may have been written by a marketer, blogger, prankster, or spy but it most certainly is distributed by a biological or silicon-based computer algorithm. The originator of the message doesn’t need in any way to believe the things they are saying in order for them to be said. The only thing that they need to do is appeal to a series of keywords and markers and pay the advertisers to put the messages in front of the right people.

The internet knows more about human behavior than any single human. Marketers are slinging their products to those that identify within that marketplace. Buyers of the products may not even believe in the products they are buying beyond what those products will tell others about their virtues. Silicon Valley, California has yoga pants culture. Rural Alabama has Real Tree Culture. Wearers of yoga pants and camo hats wear these products all situations whether they are actively engaging in hunting or yoga or not. These social signals say “I’m one of you” don’t ostracize me please.

Beliefs are characterized everyday online; marketers know more about a person’s beliefs than the people themselves. Human behavior is a program built on a fundamental operating system that is the human nervous system. The behavioral mechanics of the human system have been programmed into computerized systems meant to deliver the content that people ‘want’ to hear. Echo chambers online are where believers gather to reinforce each other’s beliefs and arguments. Almost no one is going online with the mindset that they are open to having their beliefs challenged.

A person doesn’t check social media to have their beliefs invalidated. Information that invalidates one’s beliefs requires caloric energy for the mind to review the reasons why they believe what they believe. One takes to social media to have their beliefs validated while they look at the posts of their friends and family. If someone on the friends list starts posting content that challenges or invalidates one’s beliefs, they hit the mute button on that person’s content. No need to have thinking challenged here, just show me what I want to see.

News media outlets for decades have been playing this game. The media outlets have been consistently delivering the messages of we’re ok and those other people are out of their minds. News media markets trustworthiness while delivering content meant to validate the beliefs of their target audience. The content might be true, or kind of true, but it is presented in a way as to drive a specific perspective. The perspective is almost exclusively that the audience’s values are being slanted by the opposition. The messages sell really well because fear engages the maximum amount of human attention. Present information that will touch on the fear of the audience, and their attention is locked in to the messages.

The constant exposure to fear about the ‘non-believers’ has resulted in further entrenchment into opposite corners of both sides. It’s escalated to the point where families are engaging in emotional and physical violence over different beliefs internally.


In 2010, a computer virus named Stuxnet was discovered on the internet. Stuxnet was the result of a US/Israeli joint cyberwarfare program designed to infect industrial control systems. The control system to be infected was specifically embargoed Siemens PLCs; smuggled into Iran running uranium enrichment centrifuges. The Siemens PLC was on what is referred to as an ‘airlock’, meaning that the PLC’s were not connected to the internet. The invasive program was put on to the internet, and infected about 200,000 Windows based computers worldwide with 60% of those computers located in Iran. The virus scanned for the Siemens PLC interface software to activate the steps of the program. Specifically, the virus sought out specific configurations of the PLC in the infected computers.

When Stuxnet identified the correct configuration, it would move to the next step and begin downloading itself onto USB jump drives plugged into the computer. Eventually the USB jump drives would be plugged into the Siemens PLCs to update the PLC parameters. Once plugged into the PLC, the virus infected the PLC, effectively crossing the airlock. At first, the program sat on the PLC gathering data and watching the system operate. After a few weeks on the PLC the virus activated the final phase of the program.

The virus made the PLC report that everything was running just fine using a ‘I/O mask’. Like in a heist movie where the thief puts a photograph over the security camera the I/O mask performed the exact same function. With the actual I/O masked form the operators view Stuxnet would rapidly decelerate and then accelerate high speed centrifuges crucial to Uranium separation through their resonant frequency ranges to make them violently break. Stuxnet damaged about 1/5th of the centrifuges in Iranian uranium processing facilities.

Stuxnet is not the first time a cyberattack on industrial control systems has taken place, and it certainly hasn’t been the last either. Stuxnet is more of a sign of the times. Now flip back and review ‘the violence program’ again. Recently a study published, blamed Instagram for making teenage girls have lower levels of self-esteem after spending an hour using the platform. Instagram has content that can make one feel self-esteem damaging envy, but also content that can improve one’s state of mind as well. It really depends on the things that the user follows on Instagram.

A. Is it Instagram’s fault that teenage girls follow things that damage their self-esteem?

B. Is it the accounts posting content that girls damage their self-esteem with?

C. Is it Instagram’s fault for existing in the first place?

D. Is it negative cognition training that has people following things that they want to become but don’t feel like they can and are comparing themselves to?

E. Are the questions above irrelevant?

Correct. It’s E.

What is relevant is that the online world is an extension of a person’s social and physical environment. Spending excessive time online checks 2 out of 3 of the behavioral influence boxes for the human behavioral system. The Stuxnet story might have been about infecting industrial control systems, but it is no less relevant of a story to the human control system. 2 out of 3 behavioral influence boxes are checked by those that spend too much time on social media. Social media platforms use clever algorithms to chronically notify users of new content keeping them returning to the platform to check in.

During the 2016 US presidential election cycle, hackers broke into the democratic party campaign chair email accounts. Several months later the emails appeared on the freedom of information site WikiLeaks. Conspiracy engineers falsely claimed that a specific pizzeria in Washington D.C. was the democratic parties front for a child sex trafficking ring. Deranged conservative believers went nuts over the theory to the point where an armed believer traveled hundreds of miles to ‘put a stop’ to it. Shooting the lock off a storage room to gain access and ultimately find nothing but pizza. Restaurant employees received numerous death-threats the entire time this conspiracy raged on social media. Pizzagate wasn’t real but a significant number of people most definitely thought that it was.

In 1938, the H.G Wells Novel War of the Worlds was adapted for radio and was broadcast across the United States. The science fiction story was about an alien invasion of Earth. The fictional tale was presented on the radio in such a way that the drama sounded real. About 30 minutes into the broadcast, organizers of the show were instructed to interrupt the broadcast to reiterate that this was the dramatization of a fictional tale. Policemen and journalists started amassing at CBS Studios, and a calamity broke out in the studio. Employees had to collect and destroy all of the scripts and materials to present the drama. Telephone switchboards were overloaded with phone calls by concerned citizens. The dramatization of a science fiction tale had been confused with reality itself.

The internet has only multiplied the power and ease in which to present false information as reality, and catalyze a response in reality. The number of humans that believe the Earth is flat has increased. The 5G conspiracy, Lockstep conspiracy, Q’Anon, and many more. The boy who cried wolf now has a PA system capable of reaching millions of people. Individuals wielding the power of the social PA system are fabricating myths that are generating responses in reality.

Human beings are crashing their cars checking in on social media. Human beings are walking into pizza parlors with guns over social media conspiracy theories. Human beings that believe the Earth is a flat disc have increased by the millions from social media. Human beings are going mad from infectious information spreading on social media. I used to think it was funny. IT’S NOT FUNNY. Think that a carefully crafted social media virus could insight a population into violent conflict against each other? It could. Think that the program exists yet? It likely does. Think that each country probably has their own social media cyberweapons? More than likely.

Humanity is now in an era where our own machines are capable of modifying our behavior in such a way that a properly targeted cyber-attack could cause extreme civil unrest, even civil war. In the Bosnian genocide, it just took a couple weeks for neighbors to start ripping each other’s guts out. The human mind is extremely fragile from centuries of negative cognition training. Millions upon millions of people have been primed to believe the absolute worst about their neighbors. Those afflicted with negative cognition are easily manipulated into acts of emotional and physical violence. Acts of violence result in even more negative cognition, and cycles of violence can intensify.

The first amendment in the Unites States doctrine of philosophy states the crucial nature of the right to free speech. There are many countries where the citizens do not have the right to free speech. It is a critical value that one be allowed to speak their mind and state their beliefs. Without the right to criticize the practices and beliefs of others democratic political discourse is harmed. The right to free speech is also being used to generate chaos and harm amongst the population as well. Governments and concerned citizens are trying actions to protect the right to free speech, but many of those actions are threatening the liberties of individual citizens. People are not going to stop lying online and fabricating wild tales for others to chase.

All of these wild tales have amassed believers and subcultures of their own. Theologians and governments have been practicing it for centuries. I watched in disgust as a USN Admiral told my ship’s crew that we were doing God’s work. Does he not remember what Japanese Zero Pilots were doing as they were suiciding themselves into Battleships in Pearl Harbor decades before? What about the WWI German bombings of the civilian populations of London? That’s right, they were doing God’s work.

Positive Reinforcement Programming

It’s not all doom and gloom though. The dark cloud of the COVID pandemic appears to have a silver lining. As millions of people became isolated from their normal social lives, human mental health began to rapidly degrade. This decay in human mental health created a tremendous opportunity for positive cognition products to be introduced to the market place. Services like Better Help, and dozens of various mental health applications have come into being. Fred Rogers (1928-2003), a long-time champion of positive cognition training was celebrated with a heart touching movie about the power of positive cognition and healing.

Millions of people have begun to engage in rehabilitation towards positive cognition. The belief that ‘if one is seeing a therapist that there must be something wrong with them’ is starting to come under attack; as influential voices are coming onto the stage to tell their own personal stories. The generation of Millennials are far more interested in mental health than their Baby Boom generation parents. Negative memetic content online mocking Millennials concerns over mental health has Millennials slamming the doors to their cognitive temples shut on the voices of negative cognition from older generations.

Long term positive cognition efforts are underway. Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952) was a champion of the psychological development of children. One of Dr. Montessori’s core mechanisms for behavioral training was the use of a device in which one tells another the things that they want to hear. Leading by example, one uses kind language at another that they want to hear back in-return. For nearly two years now I’ve been practicing Dr. Montessori’s technique by sending my mother in-law a positive message every morning. My mother in-law severely abused my partner during her childhood and my partner is being rehabilitated from PTSD as a result.

I could make the decision to just be angry at my mother-in-law, and decide that she’s ‘not worth it.’ But alas that is just more negative cognition training, knowing that my mother-in-law is suffering from PTSD of her own; it would be of no use to be angry at her. Manifesting the anger within myself would then perpetuate the cycle of negative cognition. Every morning I text my mother-in-law with a “Good Morning! Wishing you an absolutely beautiful day!” message. The message I send changes slightly from morning to morning but it’s relatively the same. The result of this positive cognition training has been extremely rewarding.

My mother-in-law has begun to beat me to the punch in the morning and deliver her own messages of morning cheer. Every day my mother in-law and I give each other a smile. For a long time, I felt very angry at my father for the negative cognition training I received as a child. It took me several years to let that anger go; as I know my own father was also programmed with a significant amount of negative cognition from his own childhood. It serves no purpose to continue to drag up shame and blame from the past. Holding a person to the negative cognition of the past simply fixes them in place. Human nerve systems are meant to constantly move forward into the future.

A year after I began the ‘good morning’ exercise with my mother-in-law I began the exercise with my own Father. The results have spoken for themselves. My father at one point early on during the exercise expressed concern that I was being disingenuous. I acknowledged his concerns and said that I had been doing this with my mother-in-law and what the results were. I reported to dad that I would not cease in wishing him wonderful days as I want to send him a smile every morning. All dad asked was that I also do the same with my mother, and thus I have done that as well. The results have had a tremendous amount of power; even when I forget to send a message, my dad, mom, and mother-in-law will wish me a good morning. I also message my partner and Ferra as well.

The long-term effect of positive cognition training on my mental health and the mental health of my family has been nothing short of incredible. People need to heal, and they won’t heal if we use our negative cognition of the past to keep dragging each other back into that place. All over the United States, families have broken apart because of the long-term effects of negative cognition training. My immediate family no longer communicates over social media, but instead over a family group chat. Supporting each other, sharing laughter, and coming together as a group once again.

The idea for the ‘Good morning protocol’ came to me from well outside my family. A customer contact that I met shortly after moving to Alabama began sending me biblical passages every day. Initially I felt annoyed by this as I don’t like to mix religion and customer relations. But I began to acknowledge the intent of the messages which was to spread cheer. I began to respond with positive cognition messages of a good morning in response. We have now been doing this for 3 years. I don’t believe in a fraction of the doctrines of his beliefs; but I do believe in giving others a smile and a well wishes. Jesus Christ said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” My twist of that statement is “Our ancestors need forgiveness, for they know not what they were doing and did.”

Positive social media

There is one social media platform that seems to have become a beacon of positive cognition, and that is LinkedIn. There are two primary types of businesses: ones that service individual consumers (B2C) and ones that service other businesses (B2B). Nyborg is a B2B company and my entire professional career outside of the Navy has been in the B2B space. B2C companies will frequently engage marketing to believers of various kinds; and B2C companies will often become embroiled in negative cognition-based marketing on platforms such as Facebook.

B2B companies cannot practice negative cognition marketing of any kind, and grow into any sort of serious company. B2B companies for the most part strictly avoid negative cognition marketing. B2B’s focus on solving their customer’s problems, and it doesn’t matter what the individual beliefs of the customer’s people are. The only thing that matters is their problems. It is illegal in the United States for businesses HR departments to discriminate against employees for their religious beliefs, race, gender, or sexual orientation.

LinkedIn is another attention-based social media platform; and the companies that use LinkedIn to do business are posting predominantly positive cognition content. Pulling up the LinkedIn feed one will see an endless mountain of positive stories of triumph of the human spirit and happy feelings. Stories of children beating cancer, humanitarianism, and just about anything that will generate a positive emotional experience.

Critics of these posts often cite that they have nothing to do with solving customer problems. This criticism is only partially true. Vast numbers of professionals are engaged in careers they would rather not be engaged in due to their negative cognition training. LinkedIn is sitting on a potentially massive opportunity to engage millions in mass-rehabilitation. If the platforms executives have not figured this out yet it is likely that they will soon enough. A great deal of the positive cognition content on LinkedIn is being published by individuals who work as professional business coaches.

Business coaches are all predominantly selling the same product, and that is positive manifestation. Manifestation is the process of using the nervous system’s mirror-neurons to create growth beliefs in the individual. These coaches sell positive manifestation coaching for thousands even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Business executives are often capitalized for these kinds of price tags and the product is generally the same though the price varies. Positive cognition rehabilitation is all about improving communication skills, one’s own relationship with frustration, and enhancing one’s beliefs about others.

As an employee I created positive change at Swagelok for about $125,000/year. As a business coach I could have likely implemented all of the same changes for about $1,250,000/year. I’m in no way angry about this deficit, I learned a valuable lesson from the experience. One can make far more money as a W9 than as a W2 doing the exact same job. If a couple of basic adjustments to a business’s process flow and employee practices can generate multi-million dollar returns, then there is no need to make those adjustments as an employee. The current structure of W2 life is not designed to properly reward those kinds of behaviors. Employees can’t take “good-job” to the bank, it has no monetary value.

The power of manifestation will appear almost comical to those afflicted with negative cognition training. The idea can seem intangible and absurd, and the culture of ‘happy-thoughts’ seems fake and disingenuous to those conditioned negatively. It is far from the truth as happy thoughts appropriately applied in-fact can make a person fly. Not in the literal sense like in the story of Peter Pan, but in the metaphorical sense as is positive manifestation. One of the most popular books in the finance and investment community is titled ‘Think and Grow Rich’; the title says it all.

Happy thoughts misapplied however can have the opposite effect. Giving a person compliments or accolades for non-accomplishments only will result in a net negative cognition response. For instance, if someone were to call me a war-hero I would be offended. I was in submarine operations gathering intelligence, I never swam through burning oil to save the lives of others or in any way made extreme personal sacrifice to perform my duties. I received a million-dollar education and traded a few years of my time for the education. I even was paid a bonus for enlisting. I’m no war hero, I served with honor, I went above and beyond to perform my duties, and I completed my contractual arrangement with a smile.

Positive social media is a trillion-dollar human economic opportunity. Helping people rehabilitate from negative cognition training, and build positive neural networks will program millions of people to engage in elective suffering to achieve much larger goals in their lives. Positive social media programs can grow positive cognition subcultures that begin to self-perpetuate and grow in the number of believers. There is nothing wrong with the belief in a higher power. The Earth as a whole is a higher power, the Stars are a higher power, blackholes are a higher power, galaxies are a higher power, and the universe itself, is a higher power. But above all else, people need to know that they can believe in themselves too.


  • Behavioral programming involves 2 out of 3 core parameters to be controlled: Social, Environmental, and Personal.

  • All human beings are capable of being programmed to commit extreme acts of violence against each other.

  • Virtue signaling is an incredibly easy behavior to fake and is used to sell goods and services to consumers.

  • Virtue signaling can be hijacked to use the beliefs of different groups against each other.

  • Outlandish information can easily infect the mind even if it seems ridiculous.

  • Positive cognition programming is an tremendous opportunity for social media companies.

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