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10 Psychogenesis

10 Psychogenesis

“Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something, and that this thing must be attained.”

Marie Curie


Psychogenesis simply put is the origin and creation of behavior. Genetic evolution is a relatively slow process requiring several generations to cause changes in species. A species can be evolved over multiple generations to cause distinctive changes in form and function of an animal. The idea that human beings could be optimized genetically and have ‘superior’ genetic configurations is predominantly pseudo-scientific, and has been found abominable by the global community. Wherever eugenic beliefs have historically taken place, the result has been mass-murder.

Far superior to any sort of selective breeding program, the process of psychogenesis has both a light and a dark side. Psychogenesis practice in corporation, college, and rehabilitation organizations has demonstrated massively successful results. World famous dog trainer Cesar Milan coined the term rehabilitating dogs, training people. Cesar, like many other world-renowned animal trainers, engages in the process of positive cognition training. Positive cognition training for human beings is called Montessori training, as developed by Dr. Maria Montessori.

Positive psychogenesis is the future of human evolution. Optimizing behavior and rehabilitation takes about 4 to 6 years based on known models of practice. There is no need to let the ‘future’ generations figure it out. Positive psychogenesis is already here and a person can engage in elective psychogenesis to overhaul the software on their mind. Reiterating the NASA statement: “A human is a walking 20 petaflop supercomputer requiring 100 watts to run.” You, me, everyone, each and every human being has their own super powerful supercharged mind. Humans can be programmed to perform incredible feats of art and engineering. Humans can be programmed to walk into an elementary school with an AK-47 and murder defenseless children as well.

Humanity has a long and bloody history with negative psychogenesis. However, the most revered individuals in human history all practiced positive psychogenesis on themselves. DaVinci, Joan of Arc, Albert Einstein, Amelia Earhart, are all examples of self-elective positive psychogenesis. In each example there has been determination to succeed and grow above and beyond what anyone has thought even possible. On the dark side lay human history's most notorious villains. Adolf Hitler, Marie Antoinette, Joseph Stalin, Aileen Wuornos all products of negative psychogenesis and psychological malnourishment.

Dominion and Democracy

For most of human history the model for civilization has been a dominion-based system. One person or ruling class using a doctrine of faith and violence to control a population’s behavior. This dominion-based system was based upon the need for inhabitants of a land to come together and protect themselves from would-be attackers. To build modern human civil structures requires specialists to emerge. Farmers to farm, engineers to engineer, builders to build, soldiers to protect, and rulers to coordinate.

Civilization is a machine with many parts, and throughout human history groups have been willing to go to violent extremes to rob parts from each-others machines. Just as the lion violently takes the gazelle to feed its pride, societies will take each other’s resources to feed their clans. Human economic systems for millennia were based upon the available natural resources, of farmable land, minerals, and other natural deposits of power and life-giving wealth. From our earliest origins we have been engaged in the formation of social structures.

Social structures of our ancient roots have evolved into the power structures that now make up the configurations of governments, religions, and corporations. Several hundred years ago a new evolution in human capability began accelerating. Cognitive structures began to emerge that proved more efficient models for thinking. The scientific method was born, and human civilization began to reshape faster than any other period in all of human history.

The principal shift of the scientific revolution was that individual human beings could perform behaviors that were more productive than an entire mine full of slaves. The ultimate power of the human mind meant that wealth gained from the exploration of higher knowledge would eclipse all the material riches in the world. Rather than forcing populations to work in mines to extract minerals people could be educated to expand their cognitive capabilities. Higher cognitive capabilities mean higher productive output.

The dominion model of governance was in recession from the main stage and about to give way to something far superior, democracy. Democracy functions not by vast deposits of natural resources, but by the optimization of the ultimate resource, the human mind. In 1776 the 13 colonies of the soon to be United States shook the world with the Declaration of Independence. The new government by the people and for the people declared that all men are created equally and that equal rights is the most effective form of human resource management. The American civil war was a pivotal moment in the history of the United States for 2 reasons:

  1. Slavery is an abominable waste of human resources, and not a system to be used in a modern civilization.

  2. Individual states cannot violate the doctrines of American philosophy and decide to leave the union.

Adherence to the core doctrines of American philosophy resulted in the United States becoming the most powerful government on the planet in a record-shattering 125 years. Further expansion of the philosophy of equality and inclusion, only further propelled the United States to stay number 1 in GDP since. Advancing human cognition is the single most powerful force the human race has experienced to date. The doctrines of philosophy for the United States are so successful that they have been adopted by dozens of other nations.

The United States philosophies of equality and capitalism are tempered with constant vigilance to protect the core doctrines from would-be usurpers. Capitalists, communists, fascists, and theologians have all attempted to gut the core doctrines of American philosophy on multiple occasions. Every single attempt is attributable to the shadows of the human cognitive past of dominion and negative cognition training. Adult-children that believe that they need the government to take care of their needs, and have the wealthy foot the bill have voted in ways that have over-inflated the size of the government.

Adult-children that believe that drugs and alcohol are the cause of dysfunctional behavior have voted in ways that over-inflate the government.

Adult-children that can never be satisfied with enough money and power have voted and plotted to overthrow American democracy.

Adult-children who believe that their religion is the one true religion and everyone else’s beliefs are wrong have voted in ways to limit the rights of non-believers and institute religious rule.

There is an active country in the world that has embodied all of the dysfunctions. That country is Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia's government and theological structure is an abomination. Executed headless bodies are hung on public display. Religious police enforce theological law, people are jailed and executed from sham trials. A man can beat a woman to death without any recourse. The largest population of homeless women in the world is in Saudi Arabia. Yet 50 years ago it wasn’t that way. The incursion of theological values into the United States government could result in a massive global dark age if not stopped.

The adult-children of the United States need help to heal their minds and grow up before their votes keep pushing the United States toward a Saudi Arabian type of country. The hyenas of the alt-right seem to be more interested in fascism, and the hyenas of the alt-left are more interested in communism. American capitalist hyenas are adding fuel to the fire, marketing their products to both groups of extremists. The beginning of the end for the last great republic the world has known was when the Roman Senate voted to institute imperialism. The transition from Rome from republic to empire likely set western cognitive evolution back about a thousand years.

Deletion and Quarantine

Throughout human history violent psychogenesis has been used as a tool for behavior change. The philosophical practice of ‘do as I say or else’ has caused an incredible amount of damage to the human psyche. Forceful deletion is performed using two methods: involuntary euthanasia, and banishment. In the modern world both mechanisms are still in use. Involuntary euthanasia is referred to as ‘capital punishment’ or execution. Banishment is social ostracism such as the mechanism used during the #metoo movement. The threat of forceful deletion is even used in relationships in a misguided attempt to control the behavior of one’s partner.

Both methods are incredibly barbaric and do not take into consideration the negative cognition training that those being executed or banished experienced. Aileen Wuornos was beaten and abused as a child and raped several times as an adolescent and as an adult. The fact that Aileen Wuornos developed a rage disorder and began killing men out of anger is no surprise. The systematic genital mutilation of American males combined with sexual prohibition is a tremendous indicator of causes for sexual disorders. Both men and women are sitting on a great deal of anger and frustration that primarily roots back to our negative cognition training and theologically-based sexual philosophies.

Forceful deletion is a behavior that dates back to the agricultural roots of human civilization. The practice of animal husbandry means controlling a herd population through culling of unhealthy or misbehaving animals. Western theological beliefs all have cultivated the root belief that human beings are a herd to be managed; priests refer to the members of their churches as their flock. Militaries also use methods of animal husbandry to manage ‘herds’ of soldiers. Forceful deletion has been justified as a necessary means for managing a population and is theologically justified in western civilization under Leviticus 24:19-21 in the Bible as injury for an injury as if it was an exchange of currency.

Aileen Wuornos was incarcerated on death row for 12 years before her execution in 2002. Based on the knowledge of modern psychogenesis Aileen potentially could have been behaviorally rehabilitated twice over in that time. The cost to incarcerate an individual is about $40,000 per year in the United States. Currently about 80% of the prisoners released from custody in the United States will return to prison within about 10 years. The average stay in prison is about 2.6 years for non-murder and 13 years for murder. In the United States over 2 million Americans are incarcerated with a total cost of 81-billion-dollars in taxpayer money.

Of the 2 million incarcerated Americans, 1.5 million of them are in prison as a result of the ‘War on Drugs’. The war on drugs was declared under the misguided belief that it was drugs themselves that are the problem with human behavior. Annually the US government spends about 50 billion dollars on the war on drugs. The war on drugs has been a massive failure. Why? Because the war on drugs has been an initiative to stop the symptoms of a much more serious disease. The disease of negative cognition training. The war on drugs has only made a problem worse. By mass-incarcerating dysfunctional citizens in a social and environmental ‘criminal’ quarantine zone; those incarcerated are only further exposed to the disease that caused them to become sick in the first place. Mass-incarceration in the United States has resulted in an 81-billion-dollar revolving door that recycles 60-80% of the inhabitants that pass through the gates.

The same year that the ‘war on drugs’ was declared, two tenacious American entrepreneurs had their own ideas about solving the drug problem. John Maher and Mimi Silbert formed the Delancey Street Foundation. As conservatives were hell-bent on expanding the size of the federal government to let ‘daddy’ handle it. Silbert and Maher began the demonstration that a private organization can make its own income from running private services businesses while rehabilitating drug addicts at zero cost to the American people. Since its formation the DeLancey Street Foundation has demonstrated that those that pass through the doors can be rehabilitated with greater than a 90% success rate.

The data is in, and the results are clear; positive cognition training is an incredibly effective rehabilitation tool. Negative cognition training is an incredibly ineffective tool. The predominant argument for negative cognition training is traditionalism. Being that negative cognition training leaves a person stuck in their past, traditionalism is effectively a negative cognition feedback loop.

Dreams and Nightmares

Human beings are the most adaptive animal on the planet that has evolved to make a ‘we were here’ mark off-world. If in the previous eons of Earth, other hyper adaptive animals have evolved, they were wiped out from mass-extinction before being capable of landing on the moon. The distinctive features that make human beings’ superior adapters are our brains, hands, and metabolic rate, not too fast and not too slow. The highly adaptive characteristic of human beings is that we can rapidly adapt to nearly any environment on the planet.

Our minds have enabled us to craft our own environments in which we live. Humans use the power of philosophy to create social and environmental experiments in which to test new kinds of lifestyles. Through the power of experimental philosophy and environmental design, optimal configurations for economic success are constantly tested. Every form of governance that has long term success does so through the power of philosophy. By crafting a set of ideals, an ethos, and moral code, a social experiment is primed for execution.

The United States philosophy demonstrated that the ideas of democracy, human rights, liberty, and equal opportunity rapidly genesis a powerful economy. The United States has a national ethos referred to as ‘The American Dream’. The dream is that no matter where a person comes from, they can be free to pursue their hearts desires and gain wealth. The ideal of self-actualization promoted through American philosophy has penetrated into the psyche of the population allowing each and every citizen to chase opportunity.

When primed with self-actualized beliefs the world looks entirely different to a person. There are problems everywhere all over the world. But every problem is an opportunity to create a solution that can change everything for the better. When caught in a negative feedback loop every problem seems overwhelming, and the emotional response is normally to seek out someone to blame for the problem. Positive cognition transforms frustration and confusion into curiosity and intrigue. Negative cognition transforms frustration and confusion into anger and fear.

The United States has existed for the blip of 250 years of human history. Though >90% of US citizens engage in negative cognition training of their children; the philosophical ethos of the nation has enough influence that the economic results have spoken for themselves. The United States produces more output in every single category than any other competing philosophy of governance.

The negative cognition of our past is still dragging at the heels of US citizenry. Negative cognition tells a person that they are not allowed to seek their hearts desires and those that do are selfish. Negative cognition creates a belief of scarcity, limitation, and programs a person to believe they have to accept less than their best. Negative cognition is a self-fulfilling nightmare of self-doubt, doubt in others, and doubt in the capabilities of the human species.

Philosophical Warfare

Evolution is often forged through raw violence. Violence against the available natural resources being extracted. Violence of the environment against the evolving species. Homo Sapiens are no exception to the rule. Human beings arose as the planetary dominant species through a long history of violence. Human beings violently out competed other humanoid species, and subsequently violently subjugated the other useful species of the plant for use in our energy supply chain.

Since the dawn of human civilization, philosophical beliefs have competed for dominance using violence. Human beings used to be the most effective tool for resource extraction before the steam engine. Philosophical violence took human beings as prisoners of war to enslave. Governments of antiquity regularly engaged in philosophical expansion by violently subjugating believers of other philosophies. Slavery remained in widespread practice until the industrial revolution in the late 18th century CE. After the industrial revolution, legal slavery disappeared by the end of the 19th century. War is effectively a form of human resource extraction.

Evolution remains a force driven by natural selection. Psychogenic evolution outpaced genetic evolution since the development of large-brained apes. The fuel driving evolution has always been energy consumption. Economics is the apex of energy management, it takes energy to create, energy to distribute, and energy to consume.

Human philosophy drives economic outcomes, hence why corporations engage in philosophical development. Since the beginning, war between competing philosophies has continued without end. The economics of philosophy have been the cause of theological competition since the dawn of human civilization as well. The more believers of a theological philosophy, the more powerful the leaders of that philosophy.

In the 20th century, the philosophies of democracy, capitalism, communism, theological fundamentalism, fascism, and imperialism engaged in violent competition. Fascism and imperialism for the most part was eradicated by the end of World War II. Shortly after WWII communism and capitalism engaged in violent competition. Theological philosophy has remained violently competing as well. Communist countries have officially declared their government to be atheist and tightly regulate religious groups within those countries.

The freedom of religion in democratic countries is actively being used as a tool by communist nations to destabilize civil harmony within those countries. Conspiracy theories spread over social media have been able to effectively hijack the cognition of theologians in the United States and other countries. The United States is in the middle of a revolution of human sexuality. The sides of the US revolution are philosophical battles between orthodox theologians and progressives. Communism is using the internal philosophical battle over orthodox theology to drive the United States into a once again divided country.

Theologians in the United States have worked tirelessly since the beginning of the country to institute theological values within all levels of the US government and military. The growing global philosophical conflict is now taking place in the information age. It is unlikely that the next great war will be an industrial war. The United States currently has the most powerful industrial military in the world.

The philosophical violence is taking place in the form of psychological violence carried out over the information networks. This is the age of cyber warfare and the battle is escalating. Despite the escalating battle between philosophies, the outcome has already been decided. Throughout human history all wars have been fought and won over the economics of philosophy. Self-actualization propelled by the information age is inevitable, and communism has already lost the fight. Tibetan monks regularly protest communist occupation through self-immolation.

The ultimate in non-violent protest is a monk burning themselves to death, proving one single point: “you can’t control me, I’m self-actualized.”

Inflection point

Today in the information age, humanity is rapidly approaching a substantial inflection point. From what we have explored thus far the use of negative cognitive training is the closest thing to what one would describe as evil, and positive cognition training, as good. As of 2021 82% of the United States is engaged in social media. We have witnessed both the light and dark sides of social media. The 1st amendment of the United States applies to human beings, more specifically, American citizens.

Make no mistake, Artificial Intelligent (AI) machines and foreign agents are not citizens with first amendment rights. If an AI or agent spreads extremely negative emotional experiences in order to sell goods, services, philosophies, and lies such as the #Pizzagate story, that AI or agent is using negative cognitive training to enrage humans to the point of violence. These specific stories have originated from a human being with the specific goal of destabilizing the civil harmony of the United States.

What we have reviewed about negative psychogenesis and violence, is that it only takes a few weeks of highly targeted negative cognition training, to program human beings to start violently murdering each other. With AI driven negative psychogenesis, and 82% of the more than 300 million American Citizens on social media the United States is rapidly approaching the tipping point of violence. I see flags that say “Fuck the president, and Fuck you for voting for him”. These flags are being sold because of negative psychogenic marketing on social media.

The United States Economy is spiraling out of control because of the debt crisis, inflation is currently at 8% and rising; trillions of dollars of subprime debt are sitting on the American economy. The situation is so fragile that Vladimir Putin has happily invaded Ukraine in a brash attempt to shift the power balance in Europe and the rest of the world. Putin has engaged in an all-out information war, because Putin is confident that the only thing worse than no information, is negative cognition training.

As children of the Earth, we all stand at a massive inflection point. The US Economy may collapse, but the question lingers…Will the United States Collapse into civil war? AIs are not American citizens, if an AI is spreading violence and chaos, and destabilizing the civil harmony of a country, the owner of that AI needs to be held accountable. We can protect the freedom of speech for American Citizens; AI’s do not have the right to free speech. Make no mistake at this point human behavior is being programmed by artificial intelligence.

So as a country, and as a species we can make a choice, do we allow this to happen or do we put a stop to it. Is the answer making it illegal to use an AI to spread negative cognition training? When a person and their organization do active damage to degrade civil harmony of a country, they must be held accountable. Negative cognition training is the past and it will continue to cost the lives of millions of people until it is brought to an end. The United States military has already engaged in the transformation to positive cognition and is currently the world leader in it.

AI is more than welcome to spread positive cognition. An AI can program people toward an incredibly positive future. Casey, (remember Casey?) Consumes massive amounts of electronic media that literally controls his behavior. Like millions of Americans, Casey doesn’t consume entertainment; entertainment consumes Casey. The same machines that serve Casey garbage, could serve Casey a healthy diet of getting his life on-track. An AI could manipulate Casey to take care of his mental health, and doing the one thing that he told me he wants more than anything in the world. To become reunited with his daughter. The father can return to his child and the family can be healed, all thanks to the power of AI and positive psychogenesis.

AI driven positive cognition training will ignite the greatest golden age humanity has ever experienced, and enable us to leave the cradle of Earth and expand out into the universe. AI driven negative cognition training can set the clock back on humanity and result in the deaths of hundreds of millions of human beings. I don’t know the future, nobody does; we will have to wait and see what happens. I sincerely hope it’s a future where Casey gets to know his daughter, and not the alternative.

We will move forward; we will survive. There are too many secrets to be learned about the nature of the universe, and the nature of our own humanity. The results of human psychogenesis are so powerful that they can be seen from space, as we carve our mark upon the cosmic nursery in which our species has evolved.

One day we'll look back upon the Earth, as if a child returning to their first home to feel the walls of their bedroom. The home that is a place of our past, an echo chamber of our darkest moments, and of our greatest hopes and dreams.

Thank you for reading my book, I’m very grateful for you.

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