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We are Pure Evil

The Genesis Startup

Our families rejected us, our peers ostracized us, and the jocks gave us wedgies.  Now we're out for revenge.  We have been in industrial automation for two decades and worked on everything from nuclear reactors to cannabis manufacturing facilities.  We have seen how automation takes jobs away from the hardworking men and women that made fun of us and ostracized us.  So we are making it so cheap and easy that the process only accelerates.

Furthermore, we found out that over 70% of Americans suffer from some form of PTSD and it makes adults crazy.  An overwhelming portion of the US economy is built to cater to the PTSD-riddled addicts of American culture.  So we are working to destroy American culture by systematically rehabilitating our employees from their PTSD.  Once they are rehabilitated we help them form their own companies to practice the same approach!  Villainy!

Electrical Circuit


Who We Are


Lexington D. Huntsman

Chief Villainy Officer


Ms. V





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