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Fluid System Design


Chemical Processing Equipment

Your science is important and there is a lot of it to get done.  You might be overloaded with work building a lab, building testing equipment, building a team, and need to get your data generated.

To get those crucial test results you might need a single test stand or a fleet of equipment.  Your equipment may need to mix chemicals together precisely, measure temperature and pressure accurately, remove or add heat, catalyze a reaction, and more.

Founder Team

480V/208V 3 phase power distribution panel needs building.  We can help with that.  

Specialized crystal growing furnace needs to be prototyped.  We can help with that.

High pressure fast material switching photoreactor. We can help with that.

Modeling, design, component specifications, system optimization.  We can help with that.

Frozen Pipes

GTAW, Orbital Welding

Frame Construction

Heat transfer systems construction

Electrical distribution and control panel construction

System integration

Project Management

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