Control an entire manufacturing operation from the palm of your hand.

Starting at less than $50 a month with LoopString by Nyborg.

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How it works

1: We help you discover your most important control points.

This is the data that is currently not being recorded and or controlled that is costing you money.  It might be temperature, weight, volume, pressure, level, density, chemical composition, and more.

2: We configure the necessary hardware and configure your interface.

We are experts at automation and will put together a solution custom tailored for you.  You don't need to own the hardware, we will require a refundable deposit for the gear.  We program your initial interface and prepare installation instructions for the equipment.

3: We guide you through setup and get you online.

  • Our service costs $30 per month for the base unit called a cloudgate. 

  • For each data string being recorded add $2 per month. 

  • For each control loop add $5 per month. 

Say you are making candy and controlling the temperature but also measuring the level or weight of a container.  Your monthly cost would be $30+$5+$2=$37.  The deposit price will vary based upon what your process requires and is quoted custom to each application.

4: Want to know if LoopString is right for you?  Book a discovery call below!